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Star Retailer 2022 – Offer Terms


1. Instructions and details within the Star Retailer Rewards promotional literature, whether printed, by email, available on the Star Retailer app, or online at form part of the Terms and Conditions and participants are deemed to have accepted them. However, these Terms and Conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications or promotional literature. Retailers (as defined below) are deemed to have agreed to these terms by participation in Star Retailer Rewards and to their details being communicated to the Promoter’s representatives so that the Promoter or its representatives can contact the participant in connection with Star Retailer Rewards. Please retain a copy for your information.

2. Offer is only open to invited UK Independent & Symbol Group retailers aged 18 or over (“the Retailers”) and who allow REACH Field sales executive (FSE), acting on behalf of HEINEKEN UK Ltd, to regularly audit and grade their alcoholic drinks displays from 1st April 2022 to 1st March 2023 (“the Promotion Period”) against the criteria set out in clause 5 below and in more detail within the Star Retailer Rewards promotional literature (“the Criteria”).

3. Retailers must nominate a registered wholesaler as a Route to Market (RTM), upon entry to the reward scheme, unless they are linked to a Direct Delivered Symbol Group in which case their RTM will be allocated according to their Symbol Group. Retailers can only nominate wholesalers who are part of the Star Retailer Rewards scheme. During the Promotion Period the Retailer will receive at least 6 visits comprised of approximately 8 week cycles and cycle dates are available from the FSE (“Cycle”). FSEs will endeavour to visit or telephone each participating Retailer at least once during each Cycle but cannot guarantee this.

4. Retailers may be awarded a reward value per Cycle as set out below in respect of how well they achieve the Criteria assessed during the FSE visits made during each Cycle. In the event of more than one visit being made per Cycle rewards will only be awarded in respect of the first visit. In the event of there being no visit in a Cycle the FSE will be able, at their discretion, to issue a reward for the missed Cycle visit at the rate of the Cycle reward made in the Cycle visit following the missed visit.

5. Allocation of reward value is at the discretion of the FSE and no correspondence will be entered into. The value to be awarded to the Criteria below in each Cycle is as follows:

a. BRONZE; Stock the 10 core best-selling HEINEKEN products, plus stock 5 SKUs from the 24 specified HEINEKEN Star Retailer product range (BRONZE Level; £15); or

b. SILVER; Achieve BRONZE status as set out above, plus stock 12 SKUs from the 24 specified HEINEKEN Star Retailer product range. (SILVER level; £25); or

c. GOLD; Achieve SILVER status as set of above, plus stock 19 SKUs from the 24 specified HEINEKEN Star Retailer product range. (GOLD level; £50);

To be listed as “in stock” the Promoter requires at least 2x facings of the product (excluding DESPERADOS 3 pack and HEINEKEN 0.0). Other Criteria may vary depending on your location and the size of your chiller. The information required to fulfil the Criteria including product, space and SKU information is published in Star Retailer promotional literature or available upon request from your FSE. Retailers failing to meet the required Criteria will be awarded £0.

6. From time to time there may be other opportunities to earn bonuses for specific displays, placing transfer orders, specific sales periods or other criteria. The details and criteria will be advised by your FSE, Regional Manager (RDM), in your regular Cycle statement and on the Star Retailer app.

7. Your FSE will advise you of the reward value being allocated during each Cycle visit and confirmation will be sent by email. Reward value will normally be added to your account within one week of your visit. The decision of the FSE is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.  You can see your account information on the Star Retailer app.

8. Reward balances a. Cash & Carry: Redemption of reward balances is via distribution in the form of coupons at the end of each Cycle and the coupons can only be exchanged by you at your registered C&C outlet in exchange for HEINEKEN brands available at the time of redemption. Redemption of coupons must be made within 90 days of their issue. b. Direct Delivered: The value of the reward balances which you have accrued will be paid to your nominated wholesaler who will in turn credit your account at that wholesaler with the value of the rewards balances. Whilst rewards are normally distributed within 28 days of the end of each Cycle, the promoter is not responsible for any delays in credits made to your wholesaler account by your registered wholesaler. We require your Wholesalers account number to make the payments. For more information about specific wholesalers please speak to your FSE.

9. The promoter accepts no responsibility for the unavailability of HEINEKEN brands at your registered wholesaler at any time.

10. The promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion due to events arising beyond their control, or in the case of abuse, remove a Retailer from the scheme and recover the cost of any rewards awarded.

11. The promoter is not responsible for any third party acts or omissions. The decision of HEINEKEN UK Ltd shall be final and binding.

12. Retailers may only take part with the consent of their employer.

13. In the case of a Retailer being removed from the scheme for whatever reason or any change of management or the Retailer ceasing to trade any unused Star Retailer Reward value will be null and void.

14. There is no cash or other alternative to the reward coupons. Reward values are not transferrable. Reward values can only be redeemed in accordance with these terms and conditions and no cash will be provided.

15. Participation could affect your tax liability - if in any doubt please check with your tax advisor.

16. Any queries relating to the promotion should be made via your REACH FSE or the Star Retailer Reward Helpline on 01454 270592 or

17. All information contained in promotional literature was believed to be correct at the time of printing and we cannot be held responsible for any errors due to information supplied by third parties or otherwise outside our control.

18. Should a Retailer be offered and accept a HEINEKEN permanent free standing metal display unit (“PFSDU”) then the following rules will apply

a. Risk in the PFSDU will pass to the Retailer on delivery and it is the responsibility of the Retailer to ensure the maintenance of the PFSDU. However, ownership and title to the PFSDU will remain with HEINEKEN.

b. The Retailer acknowledges that the PFSDU is being provided by HEINEKEN for use at the Retailer’s place of business registered under the Reward Scheme only (“the Premises”). Under no circumstances is the PFSDU to be removed from the Premises without prior written authorisation from HEINEKEN. If the PFSDU is removed from the Premises, the Retailer may be liable to HEINEKEN for the total value of the PFSDU which will either be recovered from the Retailer’s Star Retailer reward accrual or an invoice for the cost of the PFSDU, being £200.

c. The Retailer agrees:-

  • To only display HEINEKEN products in the PFSDU;
  • Not to deface, alter, or tamper with the PFSDU;
  • Not to sell or otherwise dispose of the PFSDU; and
  • Display Point Of Sale inserts supplied by HEINEKEN in the PFSDU as agreed from time to time.

d. The Retailer agrees to allow the FSE to inspect the PFSDU at regular intervals, usually every 6- 8 weeks.

e. HEINEKEN shall be entitled to recover the PFSDU from the Retailer at any time:

  • if the Retailer fails to comply with its obligations under this Agreement;
  • under its discretion; and
  • if this Agreement expires or the Reward Scheme is terminated.

Promoter: HEINEKEN UK Ltd, 3-4 Broadway Park, South Gyle, Edinburgh, EH12 9JQ.

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